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Which Map is the Best Map in Pubg Mobile

Much of the gameplay in PlayerUnknown’s Mobile Battlegrounds (PUBG) revolves around the game’s four maps. Each map has distinct features, which allow players, whenever play on that map, to adopt a certain playing style. Read more to see the stacking between Miramar, Erangel, Sanhok, and Vikendi.


The two largest maps in the game are Miramar and Erangel, with 8 by 8 km of size both of them. But Miramar allows players to operate with more space, with 80 percent of the map playing on the ground. In contrast, Erangel has many more water regions that account for nearly 50% of the map. Both of these are also covered with leaves such as grass, trees, and shrubs, covering approximately 30% of both maps.

The Vikendi map recently published is approximately 60% water, 6 by 6 km in size. It is because the map contains three islands that are separated from each other by rivers. As one would believe, the large proportion of water fields are not as narrow as most of them are frozen up. Vikendi, with less than 7 percent of its region covered by grass, shrubs, and trees, is also the most foliage-sparsely covered map.

Finally, Sanhok is the smallest map of only four to four kilometers in size. More than 50% of the map is water covered, with the densest leaflets on each of the maps covering 43%. It is sensible, as Sanhok is a hybrid region of the swampy jungle.


Erangel has the most spawning vehicles on all 633 maps. The map is not precisely car friendly, however, as only 4% of the map is covered by highways. This means that most of the time you’re going to drive off the road at Erangel, not attractive if you’re not one for bumpy driving.

Miramar, meanwhile, spawns 452 total vehicles and has the second-best road coverage at 6.92%.

With 7,27 percent, Sanhok offers the highest route coverage, which is useful given that players are forced to pursue the winding highways that cross the swamps and jungles in the cartoon unless they want to get lost. However, only 198 car spawns have the smallest amount. Finally, because of the reality that snow buries almost everything, Vikendi has no street cover per se. At 336 vehicles, it has the second highest total, including motorsport, which is ideal for traveling in the snowy area.


With 43.343 complete loot spawns, Miramar is by far the finest plan. In particular, Miramar sports the most weapons spawn at 7,929 due to the sheer wealth of loots there. Vikendi finished second with an average of 28,614 loot spawning with a significant amount of 5,443 spawns (mostly SMGs) being guns.

There is not much loot for Erangel, with only 24,058 complete loot spawns. The players will offer 4,689 of those spawns guns. Although Sanhok has the smallest complete spawns of 13,889, compared to other maps, it has the greatest proportion of weapons spawning. The map shows a total of 4,546 armaments, about 32% of the total loot compared with 18-19% on other maps.


As the two largest maps of the game are Miramar and Erangel, players often take them slowly when playing those maps. The relative abundance of the loot promotes them to explore and prepare for battle first, particularly in Miramar.

The polar opposite applies to Sanhok, as the small size of the map allows fast matching. The hybrid jungle-swamp theme on the map also places players on their toes as enemies almost everywhere can be concealed. The large proportion of guns in the map also contributes rapidly to the move of players.

Finally, in Vikendi, the quick action of Sanhok is balanced with a gradual development of the Miramar and Erangel disputes. The players will have to opt between hitting early or digging into the snow, as the latest map pushed the theme of’ the hunt becomes the hunted.