Pubg tips&tricks

Tips and tricks on how to get items for free

Here you will find the best and most successful guides to the pubg mobile game We searched the Internet for free and good guides on how to get free skins and other special items Come and update from time to time

A rule of thumb does not stay in place, which means constantly moving another sniper will hit you in the head
If you hide most importantly hide in a bush, near a rock or if there is then under the shadow of the tree
If you cross an important stream, you will stay as much as possible under the water, because as of this point in time, you can not hit you under the water with guns, only with grenades. In addition to swimming in a dive faster than normal swimming. If the circle falls on an area where you need to swim or pass through the bridge I recommend swimming because most of the time there will be someone on the bridge who will try to hurt the person who passes through it
If you enter homes it is best to close the doors behind you so that the enemy will not think you are inside and you will also hear when he opens the door
Of course, it is very important to collect first aid, bandages, and painkiller (First aid kit, Bandages, Painkiller)
During the many hours of the game I noticed that the most successful moments I used were the automatic rifle and the submachine gun (ie AK and Uzi for example) because at the end when the area is small and dense to give a machine gun advantage because its firing rate is faster
It is very important to zoom in on your rifle. Put on the submachine gun a small zoom and a large zoom rifle
Do not be tempted to throw away grenades, as soon as the enemy notices that you threw a grenade, he will know where you are and that you need to replace the rifle.
If you use a sniper rifle it is important to change position every few shots because once you shoot enemies know where the shot came from
The more extras for weapons, the better – for example, zoom, stabilizer, enlarged cartridge and silencer
Do not wear bulky clothes like striped shirts or red shirts. A light shirt will fit well next to rocks and a dark shirt will fit well in the shadows
For new players I would recommend landing in crowded areas to practice shooting. For experienced players who want to win I recommend landing in small areas far from the flight path to collect weapons and avoid unnecessary injuries
If you want to catch the ammo box that the plane lands, I recommend taking a vehicle up to it and taking the loot very quickly and running as fast as possible
When you are traveling in cars, note that Nitro is very wasteful and that there is no point in using it when you reach maximum speed. I recommend using it only when there are increases and when you have to accelerate from scratch when you are shot
If you want to run faster, use a can of soda and take the weapon off your hands
If you are in a house and want to kill an enemy who enters, you should hide on the side of an open door in your direction so that he will have to enter the room and turn left just to see you. You can also shoot the door to hurt it
It is important not to walk through open spaces as if there is no one in the world. It is important to go through wooded areas or shrubs or rocks and scan your surroundings every few meters
If you want to reach the end and win, you should use a tactic of caution and minimal use of weapons. Hide a lot, let others kill each other and only in case of emergency attack. In this way you will encounter fewer enemies and have a greater chance of being the last survivor
A group or couple should remember that teamwork is the key. Pay attention to your booty and if you have things you do not need to ask the staff if anyone needs. Make sure everyone has first-aid kit, enough ammunition, and accessories for weapons. Do not stay away from each other. Use a compass at the top of the screen to explain directions, such as when someone shoots from the north or south
Always suspect. For example, if you entered the building, you would always scan before you progress. Not to burst out but to scan before each step and be ready for the worst
If you see an enemy who has not seen you yet, you should not shoot him directly. Wait for the right moment that he has stopped or reached a dead end so you can hit him several times and then be very likely to kill him.
Note that if you hide, the entire body will be covered. For example, legs will hurt if you do not hide well.
It is important not to be outside having RED ZONE
Usually the location where the package falls is also the next location where the circle will be
If you want good military equipment, here is a map showing where a military loot is located and where a normal loot is found
After you have jumped and opened the parachute it is important to look around to see who landed with you by pressing the ALT key and the arrows