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Tips and tricks on how to get items for free

We searched for a guide all over the internet and found how to earn free 150uc by vpn software, enjoy

Here you will find the best and most successful guides to the pubg mobile game We searched the Internet for free and good guides on how to get free skins and other special items Come and update from time to time

The company of the pubg game came out with a statement that it gives 150 uc for all the players playing in Battleurunds in South Korea

They wanted to compensate the South Korean players because they made a mistake with the inventory of the game products and they give every player who registered 150uc to buy items in their store, so they compensate the South Korean players and you can take advantage of it, we have made you a simple guide with steps:

So how do you do that?

The first thing you need to do is connect to South Korea’s ip so the game will think you’re really from South Korea

There are many vpn programs on the net. We can not write detailed programs but look for Google vpn and you will find a lot of software that makes it great both for free and in a trial period of several days (you will probably need a few minutes and finish)

The second step is to open the vpn program you installed in the previous step to change the location to another country (South Korea) once you are logged in, go to the pubg game

On the top right there are messages you get in the game

Go to the thread and look for a post with “150 uc”

Wait a few minutes and you will receive the UC after you have approved the transfer

* Remember to exit the vpn program after the manual

It usually takes up to an hour but sometimes more time

We’ve also included a video guide for easier execution

good luck